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If your customers are not saying anything, then that means they are happy. This is true in our case as well however we have many customers who have agreed to share their happiness and allowed us to publish their comments on our website.

I was amazed to see this product. I have been doing SEO for more than 10 years now and I felt like I was missing this sort of product.

Sanjay Joshi (SEO Freelancer)

I cannot recommend this enough. We are a new marketing agency, this tool has made our life so easy.

chris (freelance/agency)

I used this product for my wealth management website. I must say, it is just what you need when you are on your own.

Rajesh Hotchandani (CEO, wealthy panda)

I have a team of 5 junior SEO executives, we all were maintaining our own set of excel sheets locally. Now, this is something good.

Yatika Tyagi (SEO Agency Owner)

Every time when we start link building for a customer, we hit unhides - Perfect

Steve Jarman (MD, LYB)

You have done a great job, guys! Keep it up! – thank you

Vineet Sharma (Founder, First Language Solutions)
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