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If you have a website which can accept links from another website then you should add your website here. 

  1. You get a free link
  2. You get better visibility 
  3. Right users can find your website
  4. ...and it's free!

Please see the example here

You must provide a direct login URL of your website if you have. For example:

Here, you must select the niche of your website.

We generate a contact form for your website and we will send customer's queries directly to your inbox.

If you check this, we append a contact form at the bottom of your listing and users can directly approach you from your listing page. 

Just in case, if you don't want this to happen, you can uncheck this box. 

Contact form emails are sent using so you must make sure that this email address is added to your safe list. 

You can take a look at the sample form here at the bottom of the page.

Just in case if we need to reach out to you! 

You need to explain if you allow free listing on your website or paid! There are many bloggers or directory owners who allow free listing. 

You can let your customers know if your website has any specific link guidelines, especially dofollow, nofollows. 

Some of the websites or forums are managed by moderators. If your website is like this, please mention. 

If you are moderating contents, then what is the average approval time!

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